Something bohemian

Do you sometimes have the feeling when you’re in a store and see something and think ‘ive got to have this, like right now’? I did when i saw this printed t-shirt. I just love the feathers and colors. Shame i can’t wear it so i framed it. 

Chair make-over

At my desk i have a comfortable desk chair but i also got a second one. My older (not so nice looking) one. Ive got this chair for over 18 years, i remember because i got it from my parents for my solemn communion. So this chair studied with me and made drawings with me… (sentimental me) and every now and then i spilled something on it, like paint that i couldn’t get out and my mom freaking out about it. I think i loved red at the time when we bought this chair. Now i wouldn’t buy it anymore and i personally don’t use this chair anymore, but my oldest niece does use it when she is with me doing some handcrafting. A second chair would always come in handy. So after hating the red color for years i finally got to the point of giving it a so long needed make-over. I could also buy a new chair but then i would be wasting a good chair and it doesn’t get wasted.

I was considering on painting the black plastic parts but when i found a fabric that was black & white so i decided to leave it black. Now having my material(s) for the make-over i could start with the deconstruction of my chair. Deconstructing the seat part was pretty easy, the back was harder. Grrr. I diden’t saw any screws or whatever to get the plastic cover from the cushion untill i discovered i just had to pull both parts away from eachother. Easy right!? Next i had to cut the fabric the size needed to fit for the seat area and the back. I placed both parts on the fabric and wrapped it around to see how much i needed and simply cut both parts out. Next step was a bit harder the seating was still okay as i could staple it onto the wood but the back was made of plastic so i used a glue gun for this part. All i had to do was getting it back together. Now my niece has a new seating.

Stamping pots

This diy is a simple but oh so fun one to do, stamping! You can buy or collect terracota pots like i did, or use any kind of pot that you can paint. I painted my pots a basic white color and let those dry for a while. While those pots are drying you can make you own stamps. I made mine from a piece of gum. Cheap gum will do perfect. I made a triangle, star and stripe pattern. The hello stamp i bought but you could also make that if you are patient enough. When your stamps are ready you can start the most fun part, the stamping. You can do it any way you would like. Be creative! I used black ink on a inkpad but you could also do this with black paint, make sure you stamp is totally covered but don’t overdo it. When you almost went around your pot stamping, you check how much white space is left to cover with your stamp to check if they will fit to make a nice fit. If not then you will have to place the last ones a bit closer to eachother, it doesn’t have to be perfect. Your making something with your hands and the imperfections will give it a nice look. I used three pots on top of eachother, makes it look fun and you can switch them over time and it will be something fresh. I hope you have fun. 



I’m making something that most of us have but they often come in a smaller size.  A serving tray! These days you can buy them everywhere but i think they aren’t cheap and they aren’t that big. So i decided to build my own serving tray, how hard can it be? I also decided i wanted to keep it cheap and environment friendly. So i started looking for a wooden frame. Actually i didn’t have to search hard, i still had one in my basement. It’s an old one because the frame is really thick and is made of wood. These day many frames are made of cardboard or plastic… They can’t be used for it because later you will have to apply screws into it. If you don’t have a suitable frame at home you can probably find one in a second-hand shop. The bottom of the tray is made of pieces of wooden paneling that i also found. I measured them so they would fit in the frame and sawed them in the size i needed them to be. Next i glued those pieces into my frame with glue for wood and to be sure they wouldn’t come out i screwed them with small screws. After it all dried over night i applied some silicone sealant so it looks nice and even. Again it dried over night and after some sanding i painted it. Of course you can choose any color you want or even use multiple colors. I just used plain white. You can use it for anything really. Put your breakfast on it, candles, flowers… Think about the size, make sure you can still carry it through your doors if you want it to. Mine is 52 cm on 95cm and it can easily fit 3 normal sized plates. I really like how it turned out and it only cost me some paint, glue and silicone that i still had. Hope you enjoy.




I don’t tend to follow trends.
I take what i like and try to
make something i like.

– Gerry Wouters